Jean Stepnoski (6 Dec 2010)
"Will the Children Vastly Outnumber the Parents?"

Dear Doves,
      In the stories in Genesis about the Noah family and the Lot family we see noteworthy details. It has to do with ratio and percentage. Of the Noah family of the 8, there are 2 parents and 6 children. The children are the 3 sons and the 3 daughters-in-law. In the Lot family is 1 parent and 2 children. So the ratios are 6 to 2 and 2 to 1. If they are combined it is 8 to 3. Divide 100% by 8 and get 12.5%. Multiply 6 or 2  times 12.5% and get 75% children and 25% parents. Add the ratios and get 8 to 3. Divide 100% by 11 and get about 9%. Multiply 8 or 3  times  9% and get 72% children  to 27% parents. With either the ratio or 6 to 2 or 8 to 3 there is the  percentage range of about 72 to 75% of the children. If we apply these percentages to the events of The Blessed Hope, are these Scriptural  clues to let us know, in advance, that the children will vastly outnumber the parents? The numbers lead to such an implication. What age of accountability? Let us choose the age of 13 for those of bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah age or confirmation age.
      We read in The Book of Revelation that the Beast (antichrist) will curse Heaven and the beings there. Why will he? That is where the vanished have gone? What group would not be included in the blasphemy and cursing? The children will not. Why? The Messiah/Christ will be quoted out of context as "the thief in the night." Who will He be accused of thieving, or stealing, without the consent or permission of their PARENTS? He will be accused of stealing the children, the treasures of the parents of their houses.
      I have long believed that the great wild card of The Blessed Hope will be the children. Looking to the clues of the numbers in Genesis, it appears that the percentage of the living children will be very high and affect very many. Could it be hundreds of millions? Up to a billion? It will be clear when the events of The Blessed Hope finally occur. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,