Jean Stepnoski (16 Dec 2010)
"Tevet 10: A Shoah Day"

Dear Doves,
      The day of Tevet 10 and the fast, from sunrise to sundown, commemorates the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzer II of Babylon in 588 BCE. It has become a day to remember victims of the Holocaust. Asarah b'Tevet is a shoah day. Shoah from the Hebrew means devoid of the presence of God, and associated with such nouns as calamity, cataclysm, disaster, and catastrophe.  It is a minor fast which can take place on a Friday. The themes are similar to Yom Kippur, of repentance and introspection. Is it a Katan Yom Kippur? It is like a mini Yom Kippur, with day fast rather than a 24/25 hour fast, and same themes of repentance and introspection.
      My thanks to CJ at Rapture Flight to Heaven. He sees certain similarities between the beginning of the public ministry of The Master and His Second Coming. There are 2 themes of particular significance he noted. One is the theme in each of the Sabbath, the day 7 of the original Scriptural Shabbat. The other theme is the date of Yom Kippur for each.
      May we next look to Tevet 10 in 2010. According to the Hillel calendar, this will be the day of 12-17. The fast takes place from sunrise to sundown. As the fast ends, Israel goes to the Shabbat. Yet part of the world is still in Tevet 10. We can see the linking of 3 Shabbats and 3 Yom Kippur themed days. There is the Yom Kippur Shabbat at the beginning of The Master's public ministry on Yom Kippur. Next is a mini Yom Kippur and Shabbat in 2010, and then the Yom Kippur Shabbat in 2017. It is obscure to most, yet Tevet 10 is a kind of mini Yom Kippur! If we choose to ignore Tevet 10, might that be like the goodman of his house who thinks he has more time, more days, before he needs to watch for the thief in the night? If you ask 100 people, Christians or otherwise, what Tevet 10 means, try to see if there is anyone who knows. The response rate will be 5% or less. The Master promises to come on a day that few expect. Unlike better known days like 12-21, or 24 or 25, Tevet 10 would be an obscure and routine day. The Shabbat and Yom Kippur theme days  combined, only match Tevet 10 this month! The Master wants us to WATCH for Him. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,