Jan Mikael (30 Dec 2010)
"Could it happen Now ???"

Dk, 29.12.2o1o, - friends in Jesus Christ !
When I got this dream in the end of Sept. 1998, I couldn't realy understand it, I thought it would all happen on the same time, and forgot that many dream-visions, often are like standing on a Hill-top, seeing all the other Hill-top's, But forgetting all the deep valleys between them.
It often happen to us, if we are so excited, or perhaps we feel that we are so importent, that we forget to ask the Holy Spirit about the whole meaning, - may the Lord forgive sutch a stupid arrogance, and help us to ask for, and listen to the Holy Spirit's advice, - remembering, He was send to us on our Lord's Jesus Christ's initiative, to show - reveal the whole true to us, because of we often only have pieces of it, and He may learn us to put them together, for to understand the will of God.
The Almighty God, He Want Our Unity In His Spirit, - and not in the *Laodicea-spirit- who can do it all by my-self* in fact it is the old rebellion spirit, who seduced Eve and Adam.
May the Lord help us to Unity in His Spirit, and not to handicap the Body of Jesus Christ any longer, - so help us God !
In the Love from Jesus, Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !

        In the end of sept.1998 I have this Escape-dream, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. (my first dream-vision)

        *I was floating out in the space, high over the earth. And I could see all the other planets and stars, round, under and over me. and what happen out in space to.

        We were three people, floating few meters from each others, and we were all young to look at. Suddenly I saw a calendar behind one of the other, and I looked at it, the person asked me: do you see, and I answered yes, but I dont know what it mean ? - (I saw 1999 on the calendar)

        1. >> then I heard a voice say: because of what happen in the end of March, - the Plan for April, has changes to the start, (first) of July ! <<

        And then we all looked down at Earth, and saw a great firework, from one site of Earth, from a country or continent, - there were a celebration, a feast of a kind. But suddenly we saw rockets and missiles, come from the other side of the Earth, and in a second it all changes. Missiles and rockets goes to and fro, and arround the Earth, and they exploded in a great inferno everywhere, and also out in the space, arround us.

        We floated close to, and looked at each others, and said: Oh, Finally its Over !

        2. And then i waked up, with these words: Because of something happen in the end of March, the plan for April, have changed, and moved to the first, (beginning) of July. - end of dream* <<

        PS: later when I was thinking over the dream, the words: - it happen because of - LIEs and BETRAYAL, came to me - (someone who breake a deal, or a sealed agreement ?)

        one thing more, one of us three in the vision, then have been death for 30 years. - we were all in long white robes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

        2. the second dream, from the morning up to16th 2oo6. (it waked me up.)

        >> 1.2.3, Final count down, o7.o8.o9, 11 days and 11 hours, (I losed a word) from now.  <<


        All Praise and Glory to our Lord and Love, Jesus Christ, and to our Father in Jesus, the Almigthy Creator and God.

        Marana-tha, ybic, Jan Mikael.