Jan Mikael (21 Dec 2010)
"The plan of our Lord's !"

Dk. 21.12.2o1o, Doves: Remember this letter ? 
let's read it again and and try to understand.
in the Love from Jesus, - jan mikael !

Word that went out in our fellowship on Saturday night.
Love and blessings.

2010.10.16 - Interpretation of tongues.


>> I have indeed chosen you from before the foundation of the world to be Mine.  I have indeed called you to be Mine in its highest form and that is to be My bride. 

I do not ask from you to understand it all and certainly I do not ask from you to deserve it.  I ask from you to rejoice in it.  I ask from you to have the greatest peace in the fact that your eternal future is hidden up in Me. 

I look on you with the greatest of favour.  And when I favour someone it quite often results in tribulation, but there is not a single thing that you shall ever give up on this earth that I will not recompense abundantly.  And all the tribulation that you experience are really signs of My favour.  But do not fear that I will do wrongly by you.  And never think that when I look on you with favour that that will result in the world and even in your brethren looking upon you with favour.  Do not imagine that if I have chosen you to be My own that I will flaunt you before the world and that you will be the greatest, the biggest in this world. 

On the contrary, My children, whom I choose to be Mine I quite often make small in this world.  You can look at My servants Paul, Peter, John – were they great in this world?  No.  They could have been great on their own.  But are they great in My eyes?  Yes, because I have chosen them as My special people, My special envoys. 

And in this way have I chosen you and have I made it known unto you that I have chosen you to be part of My final army, to be part of the harvesters of the final age.  I have not chosen you to be great and to be seen in this present world.  So wait upon Me till I have fulfilled everyone of My promises. 

My calling upon you is sure and steadfast and it shall surely come to full fruition.  The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this thing, says your God and your Lord ! <<

from Gerhard Barnardo (21.oct.2o1o)