Jan Mikael (21 Dec 2010)
"Printed in Jesus hands !"

    The most importent in our life rigth now, in thise days of greater and greater confusion and darkness, is to focus on Jesus alone. ask Jesus Christ to be our closest friend for ever, and protect us against the evil !

    We will never find a more wonderful and loving friend than Jesus, I know that from my own life, both from good and bad times, - He never leaved me, NEVER.

    It often take time for me to understand the meaning of bad times, but slowly I have started to understand, when I read a this words,

    - Iron sharpens Iron !

    The Holy Spirit have told me, that If we trust and believe in Jesus Christ,  He will let the bad things, accidents, making mistakes, or going in the wrong direction etc. - change, and strengthen us, it is the meaning of Pauls word in Romans 8: 28-29.v.

    all Bless and Glory to our Lord and Love, Jesus Christ !

    A friend of mine, told me to read Isaiah 49:16.v: " Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me ! "   do we really understand this ? - the New Jerusalem, our picture, the plan of God, is printed in the Hands of Jesus !

    To often we christians say, that the OT, its only for the ancient people of Israel, - But its not true, - in fact the eternal Israel is Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Lion of Judah, and where He is.

    Jesus is the Lion of Judah, who have the key of David. Jesus is our High Priest, the Mercy seat on the Arch of Covenant in the Temple in Heaven, if we trust in and belong to Jesus, then the promisses is for us to !

    In Psalm 22:16.v, we read: " For dogs have compassed me; the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they have pierced my hands and my feet ! "

    Jesus paied sutch a horribel price to set us free of our sin and guilt, - how could He forget sutch a high price and pain ? even if He could, then we just have to look at His pierced hands and feet !

    Thats the risen why Jesus in those wonderful hands of His, have printed a picture of the plan of God, of us. He looked forward to us, as His winning-prize - Cant you see, if someone is worth our Love, and Worship, for ever, its Jesus Christ our Lord and Love ?

    The wicked pierced Jesus hands, but when the blood who flow from Hýs wounds, it paied the price for our sin, and set us free to make our own choice, - to give our life totaly to Jesus, - or to live in this wicked world of lies ?

    Lets give our life to Jesus, and go vent to our Great Creator and God, the Most High, who longing so deeply after us, that He send Hýs firstborn Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the price for our sin, and to set all who realy want it, free to make our own choice, - John 3:16-17.v. - and Isaiah 55:11.v.

    Lets say yes, and thanks Great God, Creator and Father, your will alone be done in our life, and thanks Jesus Christ we love you, draw us closer and closer to you, day by day, until you soon, will take us away, and change us for ever - John 14: 1-3.v.

    let the Holy Spirit clean us in the blood of God's chosen Lamb, and prepare us to be a New Creation in Jesus - Romans 8:28.29.v. with Jesus Christ as our family-head and King, our Lord and Love for ever and ever !

    Hallelujah, Glory and Worship to our Lord Jesus Christ,

    to the Most High, our Great Creator and Father in Jesus !

    and to the Holy Spirit, the Divine authority on Earth in our Time, who open our ears that we may hear, our eyes that we may see, and our hearts and minds that we may trust and believe in the Holy word, the plan from God, - Jesus Christ the Lamb of God,

    - Jesus take over in our life, your will alone be done in our life Lord !

    Have a blessed week all of you Doves and readers all around the Earth.

    Marana-tha - ybic, - Jan Mikael ! - jami@paradis.dk