Jan Mikael (17 Dec 2010)
"'Taken up in a flash of Light' - and - 'changed into Light' !"

DK, 17.12. 2o1o, friends in Jesus Christ.
On Thursday 21.11.2010, ten days after my birthday, the Holy Spirit gave me a Wonderful Vision, when I found my Candlestik in the Closet, (it look like a Heart) put it on my table, and switch on the Light.
The Light shined so Beautiful, and I felt like it would tell me something.

So I asked the Holy Spirit: I feel you will tell me something, ??? - then He gave
me this explanation to my candlestik experience: It signify: a Taken up, in a *flash of light* - Changed into Light, and send back for a Short While, - as *God's Children of Light* - to fulfil the plan of the Almeighty God. - Praise the Lord !
take a look at the heart, It's like two arms who reach out from the Star in the midle, of the heart.
Symbolic like Jesus (our Morning Star) reach out, for to take the star in the bottom (you and I) direct up, and change us, in a *Twinkle of an Eye* that we may become one body with Him.
If you can't follow me, then sit down, reach both you hands out, and grab around some thing, and take it up, - you see, if you use both hands, you will take it direkt into your heart, - as symbolized with the heart under here !
                                               .         ..
                                         *     .       ..      *
                                        .          *            .
                                        *                        *
                                           .                    .
                                            *                *
                                                .        ..

Remember the word in 2. Peter. 1:19.v.
>> And we have the word of the prophet's made more certain, and you will do well, to pay attention to it, as to a Light shining in a dark place, until the Day dawns, and the Morning Star rises in your heart. << 
On the Third day in creation, our Great creator placed the Sun and Moon on
heaven, to rule over day and night, - when He saw it was good, He seperated the Light from the darkness. - Gen.1:14-18.v.
the 12th of Dec. was the Third, 3. Sunday in Advent !
I feel the time is here, only God knows when, but it's time for us to prepare and to give over our life to the Holy Spirit, who is the Divine Authority on Earth in our time, send us of Jesus, (so we have to follow His advice in everything) that He can make us finish to meet the Lord when He comes in the Clouds of Heaven !
May you all have a blessed day, in the Love from our Lord Jesus Christ,
Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael - jami@paradis.dk, ><> *