Jan Mikael (17 Dec 2010)
"Re to Tony Ells: Is the year 2 0 1 0 Prophetic in it-self ???"

Dk, 17.12. 2o1o, - hi Tony Ellsworth and Doves !
I have read your article Tony about  Dec. 21st.-25th. 2o1o,- and reminded
my own letter from May. 2o1o, it follow under here.
I also have a 'flash' feeling I should - look at 2010 - it count 21 forwards
and 12 backwards.
In itself 2010. - 21.12. 2010 is: the Second Thousend Century, Year Ten,
Month 12, Day 21. 
as you I hope for rapture, - but only the Lord alone He know when it's time,
and what event this dates it point to.
But on the Third Day in Creation, our Great Creator put the Sun and Moon
on Heaven, to rule over Day and Night. and our Creator seperated/divided
the Light from darkness, Genesis 1: 14-18.v.
PS: In my old rapture-dream, we Floated Peaceful out in space in White Robes,
we could see Fireworks on one side of Earth, a celebration of a kind, - all 
right before a war-attack broke out, starting with missiles who was sent from the
other side of Earth. and then to and fro the whole Earth.
And we saw a Comet hit Jupiter (remember that Schomaker-Levy, hit Jupiter
with 21 pieces) - and short after it all got to an inferno on Earth, with a evil
surprise attack with missiles from one side of Earth, when they celebrated an
event - some thing, with fireworks on the other side. 
(the Firework, could f.example be a New Year celebration ?) - in my dream I
asked: why this attack ? and was given the answer: Because of Lie and Betrayal
- (someone Broke their Promises ?)
+ do you remember the Kenyan prophet Dr. Owuor (from obamas birthland) ?
he gave the prophecy about a Korean war, who would follow after an attack.
He gave the first prophecy on June 30th. 2o1o. - until Dec. 30th. 2o1o there is
exactly 6 month. and from 30th. of Dec. to 21 of Dec, is 174 days = 21,
to 30th of Dec. = 183 days = 21.
also remember Gabriel and Mikael hold the prince of Persia back for 21 days.
if it's not now, then we at least comming closer and closer. so let's prepare for
the 4th. Advent, symbolising - Birth/Coming of the Lord, a New Time.
- Praise the Lord !
Have a blessed day, In the love from Jesus, ybic, Jan Mikael - jami@paradis.dk.
(18 May 2010)

"Is the year 2 0 1 0 Prophetic in it-self ???"
if  20 means Redemption, - and - 10 means Law, - then year 2 0 1 0 could be the time for seperating, and the call going back to Israel ???

According to Pastor Riley's Bible-studie 'Pentecost' following numbers mean's.
 5 = Grace.
 23 = death.
 28 = Eternal life.
 2o = Redemption.
 1o = Law.

Year 2010 could be a prophetic year. seperating 20-Redemption, from 10-Law, by a Zero, a result of our Lord Jesu Christ's Sacrifice on Golgatha,  paying the price for our sin, and fulfilling the Holy-plan, Grace and Mercy, - from our Allmeigthy God !

If 20 is giving Redemption, change, transformation to the Jesus-believers, 'dying' from our old adam-body, and changed to the image of Jesus, and resurrected to eternal life by the Grace from God, - escape/rapture !

And 10 is the Law, then it could be the start of Hosea 6:1-3.v. and Roman's 11:25-36.v. for those of the jewish-Israelian people, who still not believe in Jesus Christ as their Messiah, - and end with Zechariah 12.

All Praise, Glory, Worship and Love to our Great Creator, to Jesus Christ,
our Wonderful Lord, and to the Holy Spirit, the Divine Authority on Earth
in our time, for revealing and open the word from God more and more to us.

The word from God are a living word, Isaiah 55:6-12.v. and Jesus is the Living Word from God, so send it out, and it will unfold by the Power of God,
- Praise the Lord, - cant you hear his voice ???

may God bless, protect and save all of us, in the name of Jesus Christ.
our Lord and Love, - Marana-tha, ybic, Jan Mikael ! - jami@paradis.dk