Homesick (15 Dec 2010)
"Two Dreams about UFOs"


Here are two more dreams of mine that I had a few years ago about one year apart.  I wouldn’t think they were of any importance, except for the fact that upon waking I had the distinct impression that they from God.  I have no idea what they mean so any input is welcomed.

   1. I walked outside of my apartment and in the sky there was a “flying saucer” fighting with a pterodactyl.  I was filled with fear and had a feeling like the end of the world was close.  Very strange, I know, but in my spirit was the impression that this was very important.

   2. I was in a city (possibly Philadelphia, although I do not live in Philadelphia) and suddenly very large extra-terrestrial ships appeared in the sky.  Everyone in the city was freaking out afraid and trying to leave the city.  People were packing into elevated trains and buses and there was chaos everywhere.  I was also trying to leave and to get across a river that went through the city where my family and friends were.  I think the ships were firing weapons and destroying parts of the city.