Harvey Troyer (30 Dec 2010)
" Final Signs for Such a Time as This—Will 2010 Still be the Year of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction?"

December 29, 2010

Dear John Tng and faithful doves,


Re:  Final Signs for Such a Time as This—Will 2010 Still be the Year of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction?


December 31, 2010 MIDNIGHT will reveal the final answer to everyone.  Be ready! 


The Chilean Mine Disaster (August 5, 2010) and the miraculous rescue/resurrection of the 33 Miners after 69 days on (October 13, 2010), may be one of the final clues. 


I just this evening discovered that the number of days from the rescue/resurrection day of the Chilean Miners to the end of 2010 (December 31, 2010) is also 69 days!  I do not believe that this is just a coincidence, in view of all the other overwhelming evidence and signs that 2010 is the year of the Rapture/SD.


Please do the math yourself and see how these two back-to-back 69 day periods make up this sign, which points to New Year’s Eve December 31, 2010.


Correlation of dates:

1)  Aug 5th, 2010 to Oct 13th, 2010 = 69 days

2) Oct 14th, 2010 to Dec 31st, 2010 = 69 days


If anyone else has already discovered this sign, please let me know.  I do not recall reading about it.  I made this discovery while reviewing a list of Signs for the Year 2010, posted by Cindy by the Sea.  Click on URL LINK below:

Pasted from <http://cindybythesea.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/a-year-for-signs/>


We had an annular solar eclipse on January 15th,2010. On Sunday July 11, 2010 we had the third in a total of three total solar eclipses, which fell for three consecutive years in a row on the Jewish date the first of Av.


And, last but not least, we had a lunar eclipse blood red moon on December 21st, 2010 which was our 10-day warning.


[Joel 2:31 (Acts 2:20)NIV]  The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.  These scriptures have been fulfilled now just as prophesied. 


All the birth pangs have also been experienced just as prophesied.  It is time for the baby to be born!!!  On Saturday February 27, 2010 we had an earthquake centered 71 miles from Chile’s second largest city, Concepcion.  At a magnitude of 8.8, it was 700-800 times stronger than the earthquake which struck Haiti the month before.


Most of us know by now that 280 days (40 weeks of human gestation) from the 8.8 Concepcion Chile earthquake was December 3/4.  However, the period of human gestation can be stretched.

 I read that approximately five out of every 100 babies will be overdue, past the 42 weeks gestation. From the Concepcion quake of February 27, 2010 to the 43rd week is the overdue limit. It will not go into the 44th week. The 44th week of this gestation would land on January 1st, 2011, which will be too late.  It appears that December 31st is the final limit for this baby to be born!!!


Please click on the PDF File Below to read my main article titled: Is the Year 2010 the Year of the Prophesied Rapture and Sudden Destruction (World War III)?


Harvey Troyer (YBIC)

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