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"To Many:  re:  Rev 6 and the white horse"


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Rev 6 and the white horse

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Three general possibilities exist for the identity of the rider on the white horse:  A positive representation of salvation/Christ/Holy Spirit, a negative representation of the anti-Christ, or, a dual meaning.


 In context, John is taken up to heaven in Chapter 4 and shown many things in chapters 5 & 6.  Ch5: 9 and 10 appear to describe the creation and existence of the Church, a royal priesthood.  In verse 13 John hears every created thing in heaven and on earth proclaim the glory and dominion of God and the Lamb, Jesus.  Has this happened??  In Rev. 6: 1 Jesus, the Lamb, comes forth to open the seven seals on the scroll.  Present are four beasts.  With the opening of each of the first four seals one of the beasts calls (Come!) a rider and a horse.  John is in heaven.  The four beasts are in heaven.  The horses and riders are commanded from heaven.  The first beast has the appearance of a lion.  The lion represents kingship, Israel, but also Babylon and it's king.  What are the crown and bow?  What is the rider on the white horse to do?


Rev 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, come and see.


Rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.     KJV


Bow:     The word for bow is G5115, toxon.  The base Greek word is G5088, tikto, which means to bring forth child or bear fruit. 

Conversely, G5114 is a word like tomohawk and means cutting with a single blow.


In Hebrew, the word for bow first occurs as Noah's rainbow from God.  It also means arch, as in bow and arrow type of arch, or a sickle.  The rainbow represents saving grace.


There is another arch: the Greek letter Omega.  The shape of omega is an arch(the old version is twin arches) and is related through gematria to the rainbow.  So, omega can represent the end of something as part of the "alpha and omega".  What is ending at this time? 


Crown:     The word for crown is G4735, stephanos. This can also mean wreath.  It stands for a prize of victory.  Principally, this references a reward for the servants of God and Christ.  I could not find a negative connotation for this word.  Elsewhere in Revelation, evil or secular rulers are said to have horns, not crowns.


Went forth:     This word is G1831, exerchomai, and is a close synonym for harpadzo, rapture.  It can mean simply to be sent, or, come forth.


Conquering and to conquer:     The word for conquer is G3528, nikao, and is used for both of these occurrences.  It does mean to have victory, but specifically, against notable opposition; to OVERCOME.


The word "and" is G2532,  kai, and is a conjunction, but can also have a multiplying connotation.


The word "to" here is G2443, hina, and specifically means, "in order that".  The English word "to" oversimplifies(imo).


To sum up:     Rev 6: 2 could be translated, "And I looked, and saw a white horse: and the rider had the harvest of the fruit of grace; and a crown was given to them; and (they) came forth overcoming and victorious."


Notice the command is "Come" not "Go".  This may represent things coming out of the Earth, rather than going to the Earth.

If the rider of the white horse was evil he might have been awarded a horn, not a crown.  The evil and secular rulers in Revelation are said to have horns.  I could find no negative meaning for crown(stephanos).  Also, the second beast issues the red horse.  This beast has a face of a calf(Baal?), or an Ox, which denotes a ruler.  The Hebrew letter aleph is represented by an ox-head pictogram; so, the BEGINNING of this ruler?  Also, this may signal a transition back from the Greek to the Hebrew cultures from God's pov.


A dual meaning is possible, except then, who is the ruler on the red horse?


Intriguingly, if correct, this interpretation of Rev 6:2 verifies a pre-trib rapture with the breaking of the first seal by the Lamb of God, by whom we are saved.  The beast with the face of a lion SHOUTS and the rider of the white horse comes forth.  The age of grace ends(omega) with a harvest of the fruit of overcomers.