GM (31 Dec 2010)
"Temple or Tabernacle?"

Temple or Tabernacle?

I don't recall this being discussed.  Apologies if it has.

What if the sacrifices are resumed in a Tabernacle; a tent?  How quickly can a tent be erected?  I am not a levitical expert, but a couple of days to raise with a month for cleansing might be sufficient.  

The gematria of TABERNACLE is the same as SACKCLOTH; 410.  The sacrifices will be resumed in a time of trouble; a time for sackcloth? 

410 is also the gematria of LAW.  The reinstitution of the law should be part of Daniel’s 70th week. 

This would greatly shorten the preparation time for resumption of sacrifices.  The two witnesses could return and see sacrifices in less than two months.