GM (22 Dec 2010)
"Re: Wade Balzer and the three inches"

Re: Wade Balzer and the three inches 

The first thing that came to mind reading your analysis is that Jesus is a carpenter.  He would have used cubits, which are about 18 inches.  So, 18 divided by 3 is 6.  6 days?  Dec. 17 plus 6 is Dec. 23.


Your analysis resolved to a foot, 12 inches(7272) divided by 12 is 606 for one inch.  However, 3 inches becomes 606 times 3 which is 2424.

One biblical word has a gematria of 2424.  It translates "bring".

G2424 is Jesus, which you know is gematria 888.  Or, 8+8+8 is equal to 24.

I keep seeing a lot of 24's, do you? 

Won't predict, but midnight of Dec. 23 becomes Dec. 24.

May God lift your spirit.  Maranatha!