Gina McCray (9 Dec 2010)
"The Psalm 83 War is coming soon!  RE: Rudy Wallace "A possible "heads up""

"Look for the Psalms 83 war and the destruction of Damascus any day now.  Then listen for the announcement of the signing and confirming of the covenant with many.  Then look up and tune your ears for the sound of the trumpet."
Rudy, my EXACT thoughts. Very soon, Israel's enemies will realize that Israel will NEVER relinquish Jerusalem and not even the United States or even the United Nations will ever be able to force her to.
When they finally come to grips with this fact, they will decide that the only way that they will get Jerusalem is by force.
Since their ultimate goal is the demise of the Jewish people anyway, this will just speed up their attack. It also will give them an excuse to attack..."Israel didn't want peace" so that it will all be blamed on Israel (as it always is).
The "peace talks" and the "roadmap to peace" are being totally shelved and nullified by Israel's tough stance about giving up her Covenant land. After all, the whole "peace process" was based entirely on "land for peace". The recent national referendum enacted by the Knesset in regards to Jerusalem and the Golan (the most sought after and hotly contested Israeli land) shows the Palestinians and the Syrians that this Covenant land will never be willingly given to them.
Please see the recent blog entries with the details regarding this:

THE MIDDLE EAST MAY SOON ERUPT INTO WAR-the beginning of the end...

We are drawing so close to where these many enemies who have hated Israel for so many generations, will finally launch the all out assault on her that they have been fortifying themselves militarily for such a very long time.
I am complete agreement that when the Psalm 83 War/Isaiah 17 fulfillment happens, we can rest assured that our redemption draweth nigh!
Soon, very soon!