Gilda (18 Dec 2010)
"To:  Dayana Torchia"


To:  Dayana Torchia
I loved your posts from yesterday, Dec. 17, 2010.   I read with utter joy your description  of "Glimse of Heaven 1998".   You have described many parts of a rapture dream I had about 2 years ago.   I call this dream 'my white fence dream'..... because all of us Christians were behind this pretty white picket type fence (which looked similar to those fences holding back sand in Florida).   In the dream God took down the fence - and when He did - it happened!   All those feelings that you described in "Glimse of Heaven" is what I actually felt too - the bliss, peace, joy - along with other feelings I can't describe (because I have never felt such peace and joy).   I don't have enough words to describe how wonderful everybody felt - it was awesome.    Yes, we were on earth.   Nothing was wrong.    I couldn't tell if this lasted days or months.   I do know that it didn't last long.   Then,  I felt myself being pulled up in the rapture.   In the dream I could actually feel all these things like they were happening.   Since then I have lived in great anticipation of wonders happening before the rapture.   And my prayer is always:   "Jesus,  please take down the fence." 
     Thank you for your letters.   I really appreciated hearing someone else experience this happiness.
      Grace, peace and joy be multiplied to all the Doves.