Gerry Almond (16 Dec 2010)
"To: All Doves....The 21 days points to 12/21/2010 also"

I sent the attachment to Ron Reese a few days ago. I am in agreement with him as to the time of the rapture.  It is the highest alert I have ever seen too.  With all of you, I am looking for this to be "it".

There is a certain sadness for the world left behind.  I know that the world will only get worse and more time will not do much to alleviate it.  Still, the thought of the terrible things that must come to pass sends a shudder through me.

But Oh, the joy when I awake, within the palace of the King.


Gerry Almond


Bro Ron

Today is December 10

I read your letter on Five Doves.  I am certainly glad that you posted it.  Be of good cheer, I have sought the solution for 56 years now and intensely since 1988.

I wrote you once before about Daniel’s 21 days delay when he know that the captivity was due to end according to Jeremiah’s prophecy, but you probably will not remember me.  Anyway, I have long believed that Daniel 10 holds the key to discovering the rapture/sudden destruction that you speak of.  It is a sort of built-in buffer against our knowing the day and hour, if you please.

I think there is an Old Testament picture and type of both the resurrection of the dead in Christ and the living believers seen in the experience of  Daniel in his vision after having prayed and fasted for 21 DAYS.  December 1-21 is an equal time frame as far as number count is concerned, obviously.

In his experience, Daniel was in prayer 21 FULL days when the heavenly messengers came to him.  I personally believe them to be the pre-incarnate Christ and Michael, the archangel.  Daniel was struck “dead” (yet his last sense, hearing, was not fully gone).  He was raised from “death” to strong life in the vision and was told that his prayer was heard immediately, BUT THAT HIS (JESUS?) COMING WAS DELAYED BY THE FIERCENESS OF THE WAR IN HEAVEN TRYING TO PREVENT HIS COMING.  It was so fierce that Michael had come to help Him and after 21 days, they were finally there.  If then, and that event was important, then why not now?  The resurrection/destruction is far more reaching.  And the timing fits your own message of November 30/December 1.

Hope this helps.  I think December 21 may very well be correct, as it is 21 FULL days after November 30.  Anyway, I am convinced.

Do you think this message should be posted on the Doves?  If so, feel free to either tell me or do it yourself.  Thanks.

YBIC awaiting with joy the prospect of His appearing.

Gerry Almond