Gail (6 Dec 2010)
"Rapture Dec.25?  21 days prior is Dec.5th, planet Jupiter watch date"



Rapture Dec.25?  21 days prior is Dec.5th.
Planet Jupiter having a gas explosion for the reappearance of it's south equatorial belt may be the spherical sign in D.Daughtrey's events preceding solar storm which precedes rapture of those watching for the Lord.
Astronomers are watching the Gas giant, because it's storming there.
At the same time :   
MAGNIFICENT FILAMENT: A dark magnetic filament more than 400,000 km long is snaking around the sun's southeastern limb. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed it rotating into view during the early hours of Dec. 4th
Israel is crippled with fire out-of-control, totally dependent on international community for planes and flame retardent materials.
Media already places blame squarely on Shas Knesset Interior ministry Eli Yishai for lack of preparedness.
Yishai's vote was critical for Netanyahu not implementing second freeze.  
Now with the tragedy they face, he'll soon lose office or the relevance to any future freeze.
The White House is already back @ it again.

US 'intensively' working on Mideast peace: Clinton  (Dec.3rd)


And they don't even have to offer anything to coax Netanyahu this time with noone left in cabinet to oppose 2nd freeze.


Perry Stone is correct about the anti-christ not being Obama.  And he is correct about the oil connection.  However, he's incorrect on origin,  not Assyrian or Iraqi.

Both he and the false prophet are 'royalty'

And both have books coming out.


Prince Charles, King Abdullah II Both Land Book Deals


NEW YORK — Royalty is coming to bookstores.

England's Prince Charles is working on "Harmony," a call for balance between "Man and Nature" that HarperCollins has tentatively scheduled for next year, with a picture book version planned for 2011, the publisher announced Monday.

Meanwhile, Penguin Group (USA) will release a memoir in 2010 by Jordan's King Abdullah II. The book is called "The Last Best Chance: An Intimate Account of the Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril." In a statement Monday, Penguin called the book a "personal narrative rich with human drama" by "an active participant in major events."



P.Charles soon to be revealed.




The holdings of the House of Windsor constitute enormous wealth including the Archer-Daniel's-Midland company (they are stockholders with controlling interest) which controls 75% of the world's grain. In times of famine, the royal family will literally be able to control who eats and who starves.


False prophet-King Abdullah II


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