A trio of West African leaders tried Tuesday to persuade Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo to stand down, brandishing the threat of force if he refuses to cede power to rival Alassane Ouattara.


Arab States to Seek UN Pressure on Israeli Settlements


The Arabs may have as many as 14 votes for the draft resolution in the 15-member Security Council, and recognize that the measure would probably be defeated by a U.S. veto, said Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya’s deputy ambassador to the UN.


New Members

Abdelaziz said the entry of India and South Africa onto the Security Council as non-permanent members on Jan. 1 will create a body that will be “much in favor of movement” on the draft. The U.S., he said, might abstain rather than veto.


Are the Americans even a little bit offended that the Israelis are brushing them aside all the time?” Abdelaziz said. “We will ask them to abstain.”

He said the Arabs haven’t received any signal from the Obama administration that abstention was a possibility.

Does the Security Council get called into an emergency meeting, where they say 'peace and safety' ?   Most probably.

It coincides with Geomagnetic storm and darkness.


Thomas Gold, Austrian- born astrophysicist, professor of Astronomy @ Cornell, member of National Academy of Sciences and Royal Society of London theory on great new madrid quake 1811-1812. 
Gold contradicts tectonic plate movement caused the big events of New Madrid 1811-1812.  His theory is Cosmic (solar/sun)  events trigger methane gas movement(in earth), and the outting of the gas, triggers quakes. 
(quakes trigger massive tsunamis)  

1Thessalonians 5

Verse 3
For when they shall say peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.



I posted in the last week of July 2010 on fivedoves:


I was coming out of sleep early morning, I heard - Hawaii will be destroyed.


I think it will be a tsunami.


The earthquake magnitudes of 6 or are happening everyday now.


Thank you to my fellow-watchers, I enjoy reading your posts, even if I disagree with some points.


God Bless,