Frank R Molver (28 Dec 2010)
"re poltergeist in server farm tower"

This event was relayed to me by a ministry partner who has worked with the fellow involved in the event.
It is not published in some book or magazine.
There was a spiritual battle that was being manifested in the physical realm with violent results due to pornographic internet traffic.
In the basement of this tower there was changing climate, wind rustling and growling noises, some people actually physically accosted such as thrown to the ground.
When a search engine went down no one would go down to try to fix it because of fear.
I suppose it is hard for one to believe who has never experienced the demonic and I certainly don't recommend prying into that world.
Then again if you are really doing spiritual battle you will experience opposition that will not be pleasant.
Which means you can not fight unlawfully, that is out of the Lord's will, for then you will get burned.
And yes, demonic activity seems to like basements and gullies.