Frank R Molver (21 Dec 2010)
"240 years for US and northern Israel kingdom? pointing to 2016"

I was looking back at the Jonathan Cahn interview on Sid Roth called Harbinger

It stated that the northern Kingdom lasted 234 years, not positive about that.
Did some research and it appears to have lasted 240 years
There is some amazing parallels with the US and Israel especially with 911 according to this video
But that would put the end about 2016

The Northern Kingdom had lasted 240 years, which fall into three periods of about 80 years each, the middle period being the period of the Syrian wars. As it was fully formed when it broke off from the Southern Kingdom, its history shows no development or evolution, but is made up of undulations of prosperity and of decline. It was at its best immediately after its foundation, and again under Jeroboam II. It was strong under Baasha, Omri and Ahab, but generally weak under the other kings. Every change of dynasty meant a period of anarchy, when the country was at the mercy of every invader. The fortunes of Israel depended entirely on those of Assyria. When Assyria was weak, Israel was strong. Given the advance of Assyria, the destruction of Israel was certain. This was necessary and was clearly foreseen by Hosea (9:3, etc.). The wonder is that the little state, surrounded by such powerful neighbors, lasted as long as it did.

See, further, ISRAEL, HISTORY OF, V.