Frank R Molver (18 Dec 2010)
"re Dana's vision"

Interesting vision.
The silver bus, silver is the color of redemption
So it would seem the bus was the bus out of here for the redeemed
The horse and carriage.
One EMP attack and we could be back in those days
The spiral comet, don't know, could be the timing of all this
The numbers on the clock
I think if anything they are dates
Can't just add a bunch of numbers together which ever way to make it fit something
God is more clear cut than that.
It would seem that the slashed out times are the dates that something will happen, maybe a 12 day period.
Hi Doves, I believe that these Visions and signs represents something significant will take place between the 20th and the 25th next week. The Holy Spirit has not given to me the full interpretation of them, but I feel  because we are so close that I should post them.     Dec.13 I had a quick Vision were I saw two silver round Christmas decoration balls that had a slash through them. Then I saw many faces that I didn't know,then a big Airliner fly slowly over head.  On Dec.14th I had a Vision of a silver Bus( could be the church),then I saw a Horse pulled Cart, and then a roller deck of cards. Then saw a Comet with a curling tail. Jan Mikael posted on the 15th that there is a Astroid named Scheila and it has a spiral tail.    Then I saw 4 Trumpets that I believe are related to the end time signs,and then I saw an Angel.    Dec.16th I woke up and looked at my digital clock and it was 5:20 but it had a slash / through it.    Then every minute after that up to 5:31 had a slash through them also.    I continued to look at the clock and at 5:35,5:36.and 5:37 all had a slash through them.    I closed my eyes and saw a Man and a Dog running (which I believe represents last minute work for the Lord).    I feel back to sleep and saw what appeared to be a group of Comets or Missiles.    I woke back up at 6:30 and every minute after up to 6:39 had a slash through them.   If you add 5:20-5:31=12 and 6:30- 6:39=10.     12+10=22.     5:35-5:37=3 , so 22+3=25.      The 20th we are expecting a Solar storm, the 21st the Blood red Moon, the Clock numbers that add up to 22, plus the other 3 times with slashes, which could add up to 25 or the number three can mean resurrection.     Keep watching and praise the Lord.      Dana