Frank R Molver (17 Dec 2010)
"prayer meeting destroyers dream"

I think this may be appropriate
Thanks Reni, I am trying to net less after being in Mexico for mission stuff
John is on a big move to N. California
I don't know about Jim
Anyway, had this dream last night that might be helpful later
I do believe God is calling his church back to corporate prayer, something many seem uncomfortable with
This may be the benefit of having to face more troubles in the world
I remember a prayer meeting at a church that was quite wonderful, you could sense the presence of God very strongly.
Then you could tell it was winding down
An old retired pastor prayed that God wanted us to tarry longer
But no one listened, sad.
Last night I attended a large prayer meeting in a dream
There was a very lively bunch, like youth with a mission
We had prayed as a group very strongly for an hour or so
Then a big fellow got up and made a wrap up prayer and got up and went
Everyone stopped praying and the meeting was over.
I noticed that the big guy that was in such a hurry to finish the prayer cause he had to go was still hanging around.
I asked one of the leaders why they stopped
He said because we had prayed enough already
>From that scene I went out and the military had been activated to make a sweep to clamp down on the public
I know in my own life there are many things that I allow that keep me from prayer
It seems that this is a big weakness in the church too
I believe they would call this foxes in the vine
Don't let your grapes get spoiled