Frank R Molver (16 Dec 2010)
"US chemical attack, dream"

I had this short disturbing dream about a week ago
I decided to share it due to the recent warning of a Christmas attack threat
Also there have been several prophetic warnings in the past of this sort of thing
Timing,  when speaking of these things, is hard to determine
We do know we are running out of time, so here goes
I was in a large office building somewhere in the US
I was entering an elevator that was in the middle of a huge office, not in a hallway like usual.
As the elevator opened I saw a woman and a few children lying lifeless on the floor
I yelled for a doctor.
I turned around and everyone in this huge office, maybe a hundred people, where lying  dead on the floor
I then realized I was having difficulty breathing
end of dream
Not your usual confusing dream
Perhaps this is the type of terror attack they will use next
One of the 911 terrorists was an artist and made a painting of martyrdom titled backpacks and bicycle pumps.
in this painting the martyrs went about the city carrying backpacks.
 The chemically charged bicycle pumps dispersed deadly chemicals in the air as they walked about the city.