FJ (21 Dec 2010)
"Prayer Request"

    I need some help and knowledge please.

    It seems like sometimes a lesson has truly been learnt at least at the soul level. We know something is wrong and our concious certainly pricks us as a reminder of it. It must mean something by itself when our higher soul has learnt an important lesson and yet I find myself falling back at times in the full knowledge that my concious is telling me its wrong. This falling back doesn't last forever either and I am able to build up the armoury I need to overcome again and again. Yet, I am deeply upset with myself that the falling back happens... Like a wave, forward a bit, than back a bit! I am so upset with myself.

    I know that we are in 'corruptible' existence in the physical and that we will be 'incorruptible' in the spiritual, but why, after a lesson is clearly learnt, do I fall back and hurt God again and again?

    I don't seem to have the answer to this. I would never give up but I suspect that what I need is some resolute prayer from those 'fellow' In Christ. I know that prayer has the strength to achieve anything so I ask you all to please pray for me to be able to overcome this state so that I can be ready and stay that way....

    God Bless.
    In Christ,