Fay (7 Dec 2010)
"Fay re Fleece"

Dear John
Thank you for your lovely welcome to the Doves and for sharing your fleece experience. Very special. I know how much courage it takes to divulge these things. Not for fear of being ridiculed by fellow Christians, but for doubting ourselves!!  Oh, we of little faith!
After reading your post and the post from Daniel Matson I was immensely moved. A thick, dense mist had descended upon our garden. Quite eerie and beautiful. I was considering the enormous amount of courage it takes for Christian leaders to stick their necks on the block re the Rapture. Particularly as so many good, strong Christians have been wrong about the Rapture date in the past. As I watched the mist thickening, imagining the extreme chill from the safety of my warm office, a thought came that I tried to brush away. I had found myself asking for the heron to appear again. I argued with myself - telling myself that the LORD had already answered my prayer and that this was definitely pushing it. I had a long talk to the LORD about it. I figured that if I hadn't believed the answer that I received the day before, then another appearance of the heron wasn't going to make me any more assured. My last thought, before I left to make myself some tea, was, "I don't expect another sign but, gosh, it would be nice". A few hours of work flew by without me giving my earlier thoughts any more attention. I glanced out at the mist in the garden and had to stop myself from crying. There was the heron, back on the roof. Our fish pond is now frozen over with a thick layer of ice. Ultra thick! The pond was not the attraction. Not only did the heron stay a full 25 minutes (10 minutes were obviously not good enough Click Me!) but he actually stared directly at me for much of the time. I have never experienced such emotion. The heron was outlined against the grey, misty sky - almost blending in with his own grey feathers. His skinny legs were long and black. He kept looking off to the East and then bending his head upwards, towards the sky. The rest of the time he spent in a staring competition with me! Right then and there, I knew that I had the LORD speaking to me. The feelings of privilege and awe - I can't describe. Our Father God is paying close attention to our wants and needs in these last days. I got the intense feeling that God was communicating a message of "ASK. Go ahead and ASK." As if permission is being given for us to communicate our neediness and anxiety with requests for signs and wonders. Within reason, of course. I wouldn't ask Him to turn the sky red with yellow dots!! We are being encouraged to approach our Father God for moments of extreme intimacy and closeness with Him. This is incredible.
It has been said many times before, I know but..... I am longing to meet you all at the Rapture. I am sure we'll recognise each other.
God Bless you all
In Jesus' Beloved Name
Thanks for sharing, Fay.