Fay (31 Dec 2010)

Hi John and Doves,
Christmas has been especially poignant this year. I'm sure you all feel the same way. The signs have been coming thick and fast. I don't know about anyone else, but I've been feeling physically "odd" as well. I've been pondering Acts 2:20 and did some research on eclipses in the Bible. I came across an article which you may find interesting. In this age of increased knowledge, we can view these occurrences with new, wiser eyes. For instance, the Christchurch earthquake happening after the solar eclipse over Easter Island - the blood moon eclipse of 21st December 2010. The geomagnetic field etc.
The timing of the Rapture may be beyond our grasp but we know it's very close. There are way too many anomalies to be considered just coincidence.
I was at boarding school for many years and I'll never forget my absolute yearning to be home. We were at a boarding school out in the countryside and had to catch a train to take us into the city, at the end of each term (semester?). The lucky children had their parents drive out to pick them up - hence, they left straight after the end of year assembly. The rest of us had to sit around for hours, waiting for the school bus to get us to the train station. Once there, we had another interminable wait for a train that, seemingly, would never arrive. The anticipation was almost unbearable. Sitting on a bench in the hot African sun, swatting at flies and waiting, waiting, waiting. Our big, black school trunks shining on the porters trolley. Those trunks had been packed days before, in readiness for our journey home. I remember my heart leaping every time we thought we heard the distant rumble of a train engine. Jumping up and craning our necks, squinting down a long stretch of dusty railway line - only to be disappointed time and again. Slumping back down on the hard bench, feeling dejected. However, the train would eventually arrive with a loud clatter and shrieking engines (it was an old train!) As tired and listless as we had been, only a few minutes before the train's arrival, we were suddenly energised and elated. On top of the world. That night, snuggled up in our very own beds, in our very own home, we would sleep and dream beautiful things - exhausted from the high excitement and anticipation we'd "endured". I realised something about those times, a few years after I'd left school. The waiting and anticipation were half the fun! The rest of the school holidays passed by in a delicious haze but, no matter what exciting things we did during those days of freedom, the adrenalin levels never quite reached the heights that they did whilst waiting for that train. I feel the same parallel now. Let's enjoy the anticipation - "endure" the disappointments, and relish in the knowledge that the train's arrival IS imminent and that the train WILL arrive - exactly on schedule. If there have been delays, further down the track, then so be it. Those delays were meant to be.
I hope you all had a happy, peaceful Christmas.
God Bless you all
In Jesus' Beloved Name