Fay (17 Dec 2010)
"Carol G and Christina re Lights"

Hi Carol and Christina,
Thank you so much for your confirmations of these anomalies. I was a little anxious about sharing the story as it does sound really "out there". It's fascinating to hear that other ordinary people have witnessed these lights. I have never seen a UFO (flying saucer and such) but the evidence is pretty convincing. What is ultra creepy is the governments of the world's refusal to even discuss it with the people. It's indicative of the utter contempt they have for ordinary people. Unforgivable really - considering WE pay their salaries!!
Don't you find it interesting that none of us found the lights we saw, in any way threatening? Even though they astonished us - we weren't frightened out of our wits. I am convinced that they were angelic.
It is wonderful to be a part of the Doves community. Thank you so very much John Tng.
God's Blessings
In Jesus' Beloved Name