Fay (17 Dec 2010)
"The Number 21"

Hi John and Doves,
A very interesting link regarding Ron Reese' post of yesterday, 15th December. It reaffirms a great deal of what Ron's research has concluded re 12/21/210 (21st December 2010) Interestingly, the Christmas Island tragedy happened 7 days prior to 21st December (15th December). As I opened my home page this morning (16 December) there was a still photo of Big Ben - the hands pointing at 6 minutes to 12! I then looked down at my computer clock and the time was 6:39 (3 + 9 = 12) I am convinced this was indicating that it's now 6 days to 21st December 2010. There is something (everything really) that is very compelling about Ron's deductions. It makes my heart race!
God's Blessings
In Jesus' Beloved Name