Fay (15 Dec 2010)
"Conspiracy Theories"

Dear John and Doves,
After viewing the post put forward by BG Ellis re Jesse Ventura, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. Jesse Ventura's videos are rather turgid - blatantly sensationalist. There's a lot of that going around! However, this does not mean that there's not any truth in it. It's pretty believable if you start looking at it from a non Christian point of view. Just because we wouldn't dream of behaving in such a manner, it doesn't mean that people don't behave like this. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely......etc. Living in the UK, yet having access to Fox News, CNN etc., it's obvious that there's a total disconnect between what is said and what is reality. CNN have obviously lost a lot of their viewing audience - hence their international line- up......"Inside the Middle East" - "African Voices" etc. All really rather drear and commercialised. I also find myself questioning Glenn Beck's motivation. He's in a position of power and is a Mormon! It just doesn't connect. It all sounds pretty anti government control and "for the people" but I can't help sniffing a hidden agenda. In this corrupt day and age, one doesn't achieve that amount of media exposure without wodges of money behind one. Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox) is not a nice man! There's an obvious power play going on.........and it's not for our benefit. If someone is not FOR Jesus, then he is against Him. We have to remember that. It's all unraveling and the general populace seems powerless to stop it. We can only take comfort from Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:1-13 "But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come. Evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving (lying) and being deceived". This tells us that they are a split group of anti Christ (Satan's favourite tool of divide and rule) Isaiah 5:20: "Woe to those who shall call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness". There's a reason why Christians are
panicked. Our eyes have been wrenched open!
I have been a believer for a good many years. Not always an "awake" believer, but the LORD has managed to get me there. Praise Him! Please believe what I'm about to tell you - I would never jeopardise my salvation by lying to you all. It was a dark summer's night back in 1982. I was living in Zimbabwe and was heavily pregnant with my first child. It was summer - warm with a clear night sky. We (my husband and I) were leaving Harare (the capital) and traveling back to our farm. We had left the city lights behind us and had the car windows down - enjoying the warm, summer breeze. We weren't traveling fast as there tends to be a lot of wild animals on the road. Deer, buck etc. I leaned over, to the back seat, to reach for a bottle of water, when a very bright light caught my eye. The sky was studded with stars so this light was a little bigger and brighter, in order to catch my attention. Initially, I didn't take much notice - perhaps it was a satellite, I thought. However, there was something about it that niggled me. About 5 minutes later, I turned my head to look again. This light was actually traveling along with us! It was way up in the sky, travelling parallel to us - just slightly behind. I alerted my husband. We could not figure out what it was. He didn't take it seriously and we trundled on. Another 10 minutes (or so) went by and I turned to look again. It was still there! I wasn't frightened but I was a tad confused. As I stared at it, it drew properly parallel - in line with the front of our car. Remember - it was way up - high in the sky, like any other star. Suddenly, it started diving towards us, at extreme speed. I shrieked - my husband screeched on brakes. This light sped across the windscreen of our car at a terrific speed. It whooshed past the windscreen and sped back up into the night. We both sat there - stunned and silent. Eventually, my husband queried "What the heck was that?". We were pretty freaked out but not overly frightened. The bizarre thing was - the light stayed the same size as it was when it was far away - high in the sky. It should have got bigger as it approached. It defied everything we know about the way the universe works. I am utterly convinced that the light was "intelligent". It wasn't random and it "knew" that I had clocked it. I am also convinced that it was non threatening - even a force for good. It was almost playful.
It's been a fair few years since that incident and I have told very few people the tale. It's a given that folk are going to think you're slightly unbalanced!! That was until I saw a documentary on the Documentary channel called "Mystery Ghost Lights". It told the story of the Marfa Lights and the many stories of the "Foo Fighters" during the 2nd World War. Exactly the same sort of light we saw that night in 1982. Imagine my utter relief! I was astounded that other people had witnessed this - relieved that my husband and I weren't bonkers! Please do Google search the Foo Fighters and the Marfa Lights. There's a ton of info.
My point is this: There is so much more to this "reality" of ours. Deep mysteries that we have been protected from - until now. The last days. The Norway Spiral is a case in point. Our old understanding of physics, Quantam or otherwise, is being turned on it's head. Our old trust of people in positions of power, is being turned on it's head. Life has become very, very weird and this is one of the strongest signs of these end times. Knowledge IS being increased and God's universe IS unveiling itself. Scripture is becoming clearer and clearer and everything is starting to make sense. Albeit, quite scary sense! Our Father God is not going to subject us to much more. We are all in quite an agitated state - desperate for the Rapture. Short of allowing us to become completely unhinged - and as a result - losing our credibility as representatives of our Lord Jesus' Church - it is pretty obvious that we shall be taken out of this ugly mess soon. It does occur to me that "left behinders" will be reading all this and absorbing the enormity of the massive deception that is going on. With God Almighty, nothing is for nothing and we are still serving a very valuable purpose. However, things are speeding up and our redemption is so very close.
Keep putting out those fleeces. These are unique times and our Father God is working through all of us. He knows our fears, doubts and weaknesses. Our loving Father won't allow us to be overly burdened.
May God Bless you all
In Jesus' Name