Elliot Hong (6 Dec 2010)
"A Connection of Israel's Drought, Fire and Hanukkah"

Dear Doves:
When I read the news that many Rabbis, Imams, Christian Priests and New Agers got together and had a ritual
for rain last month in Israel, I immediately felt that a severe punishment would follow soon for this sin, and sure
enough the worst fire in Israel history broke out in Carmel area.

No matter how the drought is serious, the chosen people shouldn't compromise their faith.
What's the message that the fire broke out in Carmel area?
Carmel Mount was where Elijah was totally isolated from the outside, went through severe trials, and became
spiritually very powerful.
As a result, he never compromised his faith, brought down the fire from the heaven, slew hundreds of Baal's
prophets, and made rain to come.
What a crystal clear message of G-d !
What's the message then that the fire broke out during Hanukkah and is spreading to Jerusalem area?
When Antiochus Epiphanes forced Israelites to worship the idol of Zeus, many gave in.
However, the brave Judah Maccabee and his guerilla fighters never gave in, fought back persistently, recaptured
the Temple, and then dedicated it to the Almighty.
This is the brief story of Hanukkah.
Therefore, the message is clear, and it's a warning from G-d that Israel should never compromise the faith especially
for Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
But I believe that this message is not only for Israel but also for Churches as well as the whole world.
And in my opinion, either the Rapture or the Anointing of Fire could happen on the last(8th) day of Hanukkah, since
8 represents New Birth and New Beginning.
Maranatha !