Elliot Hong (23 Dec 2010)
"More Clues for the Blessed Hope of Christmas"

Dear Doves: 
1) Anyone can see that the Sun Exploding on 12/12 12:12 was not a coincidence.
    As it's mentioned in a previous letter, 12/12 was the 100th day from the Christchurch earthquake and 100 represents
    the Elect while 12 is the number that is associated with the New Jerusalem and the Kingdom.
    If 12/12 12:12 is a clear clue given by the Lord, I thought why not simply adds 12 more days from it, and it's Christmas!
    It makes a quintet 12, and 5 represents Grace.
    Also it perfectly fits with the calculation of 42 weeks plus 8 days from the 8.8 Concepcion earthquake and 24 days(8+8+8)
    from Hanukkah.

   Here is another interesting clue that is associated with 12.
   When Jesus was 12 years old, he accompanied his parents to Jerusalem for the annual Passover Festival. 
   On the way back to Nazareth, his parents couldn't find him, and they went back to Jerusalem to search for him there.
   When they found him, Jesus said, "But why did you need to search? Didn't you realize that I would be here at the Temple,
   in my Father's House?"
   Since the Saints are temple and there is no other temple on the earth, doesn't it make sense that the Brides(Temples) will
   be in our Father's House 12 days from 12/12?
   To me, it seems like the Lord is saying to us just like he told his parents, "Why do you need to keep searching?  Don't you
   realize that you would be here with me at the temple in my Father's House by Christmas?"
   As it's mentioned, the event that occurred on Dec..25 2BC at Bethlehem is a shadow of the Coronation of Yeshua, the King
   of the Universe!
2) As the whole world watched nervously, S.Korea delayed 2 days due to the weather condition, then finally conducted the
    artillery fire drill on 12/20.
    Although N.Korea threatened to retaliate, they backed away.
    But a new massive military drill begins on 12/23, and it's a matter of time.
    Since US has the authorization for operation in case war breaks out, there is no question that the Obama administration
    made a decision to go war against N.Korea and ultimately China.
    To me, it's another clear clue of the imminent Departure, for it will happen before the full scale war in the Korean peninsula.
    Another amazing clue is that the artillery fire drill completed exactly at 4:04PM.
    Because the time schedule of the drill delayed several times due to fog even on the day of 12/20, it's completion at 4:04PM 
    can't be a coincidence.
    When I read this official report, it immediately reminded me the 4.4 earthquake in LA county at 4:04AM of March 16(Nisan 1).
    4 represents Door and 44 represents Perdition.
    The Resurrection(Firstfruits) Day this year was 4/4.
    The current Presidency of America is the 44th.
    Last Super Bowl was the 44th.
    Therefore, the completion of the drill at 4:04PM of 12/20 is another clear sign that Revelation 4:1 will be fulfilled as the Sudden
    Destruction occurs very soon.
See you soon,