Elliot Hong (13 Dec 2010)

Dear Doves:
When I watched a clip of Sun Exploding which occurred 12/12 12:12, I was absolutely amazed.

Actually 12/12 was the date that I watched carefully, because it's 100 days from the Christchurch
earthquake, and 100 represents the Elect.
Besides, 12 is associated with New Jerusalem and the Kingdom.
12 Pearl Gates, 12 Stones, 12 Tribes, 12 Disciples,etc.
And also 12/12 was the Lord's day and 3 days from the end of Hanukkah.
According to a prophetic word that Jeff Kingshott received on 12/8, in the next few days there will
be an event that will shake the nations.
I'm not sure whether it refers this Sun Exploding or not, but there is no doubt that the Sun Exploding
on 12/12 is another definite major sign.
We're getting closer everyday toward the Blessed Hope.
See you soon,