Elliot Hong (13 Dec 2010)
"Re: Jean Stepnoski, Tevet 10"

Dear Jean and Doves:
I was blessed by your letter as always, and it reminded me a few points.
1) You wrote; From Hanukkah day 8 there are then 8 days to Tevet 10.  This is a double 8.
    F.M.Riley believes that the Noah family was warned 8 days in advance, rather than 7.
    Adding 8 of the Noah family who were saved from the flood, it makes a triple 8.
    Kelly received a vision of 888 and heard a voice speaking said,"FIND THE RELATIONSHIP
    And she wrote that on the EIGHTH day after Yeshua's birth, he was presented in the temple
    and Greek Gematria for JESUS is 888, and quoted "The number EIGHT proves once again
    to be the golden Key that unlocks the secret of God."
    8 represents New Birth, New Beginning and Eternity.
2) Virginia Arnke received 17 and Friday for the Blessed Hope.
    17 represents Victory.
    33 Chile miners were found that they are alive on the 17th day from the accident.
3) 10 represents the completion of cycle, the Days of Awe and the Law.
    And I believe the borrowed time is 10 years from the year of 2000.
Maranatha !