Dru (9 Dec 2010)
"rapture dream ..."

Dear Doves,
I have been reading letters written on 5 Doves for over a year now, but this is the first time I've ever written a letter myself due to the rapture dream that I had last night!
Before I mention my dream, I want to first mention my husband's rapture dream. He had his first and so far ONLY dream about the rapture almost a year ago - where he felt his body being lifted up and he shouted "This is it!" ...IT being the rapture. My rapture dream, on the other hand, was not like that, but instead was very unique and more symbolic ...
And I also want to add that ever since my husband had his rapture dream, I have been praying to the Lord for a rapture dream too! ...and last night I finally had one!!!! Thank you, Lord!!!! And I had it at a time when I was had basically given up on ever having one too, lol.
My dream was unique, since I did not dream about the rapture in a way that I had expected - like the dream my husband had, or of other rapture dreams I've read about in the past; but instead I vividly remember going over to a dear friends house (someone from church) to inform her that I was getting married TOMORROW to a man whom I have never met before or spoken to. I remember looking into her eyes and telling her this and I thought that she be shocked to hear this news that I was marrying someone I had never met before! And in my dream I walked over to her house, even though it was raining, so she would comfort me, because I was feeling really anxious about the nearness of my bid day, since the wedding was TOMORROW! And then we both started laughing with tremendous joy! That's when the dream ended ...
So when I awoke, I realized that the man I had never seen or spoken to before was JESUS! ...and that I was going to see Him soon as the bride of Christ!! I felt so much joy when I realized that the Lord had answered my prayer of having a rapture dream, but what was also amazing was how soon it all felt too. In my dream the emphasis was on it being TOMORROW, over and over, while I was dreaming, I kept thinking about, wow, TOMORROW I am getting married!
Whether the rapture is actually tomorrow, or not, well, we will know soon enough, right? Not sure that it will be, but in my dream it felt REALLY close ...
In Christ,

Welcome to the Doves, Dru!