Diane Aguilera (17 Dec 2010)
"For witnessing with Jewish people"

The attached was based on a sermon my pastor did once and I had gone to get all the backup because I thought it would be good for witnessing to Jewish people.  It’s based on Matthew 27:50 the innermost division the moment Jesus died the curtain of the veil was torn from top to bottom (more profound than being torn from bottom to top), and then based on the law of Moses a truth can be established with two witnesses.  Here are the witnesses – The Talmud (Yoma) and Josephus.  Plus the New Testament scripture is a third witness.  It takes some piecing together but it’s great evidence outside the bible and even as Paul said for the standpoint of the gospel they are enemies but from the standpoint of God’s choice, they are beloved for the sake of the fathers.   But here they are witnesses for the gospel.  Amen

God changed his covenant at that moment and the way of life opened up.