Deborah W (18 Dec 2010)
"Re Pineman "Flee From the R rated Churches""

I have seen something happening in my church for the last year.  I have only been attending this church for a little over a year and 1/2.  I first began taking my children for youth group on Wednesdays because we had another friend who went there.  On the first day of youth group, they were kicking off their summer classes and giving away prizes.  The Lord told me 3 times that my middle son was going to win the bike.  They actually did draw his name and he won the bike.  I took this as a sign that we were where the Lord wanted us.  However, the name of the bicycle that he won was called the "Deceptor"  I thought it was odd that spirit-filled believers would choose a bike with such an evil name.  We peeled the label off and he has been riding the bike.  This past summer, the kids were telling me that they were having a "Christian Illusionist" come to do a show for the church.  I looked up the word illusionist in dictionary and its direct meaning is "deception".  I told the kids we would not be seeing that show.  A week after the illusionist came, the leaders of the church announced that they felt the Lord leading them to purchase a vacant (very large) theater.  They had just paid off their building so that they could give more to missions, they also just added a coffee shop.  They are currently still pursuing the theater project, I am currently finding a new church!  My heart is just sick for this church.  It has always had a good reputation in town.  It is very sad and hard to watch.  I am just praying for the sheep in it.   We need to constantly be seeking the Lord's advice and filtering and sifting what is being preached.  The devil knows his time is short and he is filled with fury.  We need to cling to the Lord now more than ever, not buildings and coffee shops.  I pray this letter opens eyes and causes you to be cautious as to what you are aligning yourself with.
Deborah W,