Deborah (14 Dec 2010)
"Solar Storm to hit Planet Monday / Hillary's Promise that ObamaCare Designed to Destory American Business"

Solar Storm Could Knock Out Power Grids and Satellites: A huge solar storm is set to hit Earth on Monday with the potential to knock out power grids and interfere with communication satellites. It could also upset GPS navigation systems, pose a health risk to astronauts on the International Space Station and cause widespread disruption on the planet. But scientists say there's not too much too worry about - and point out that instead of fretting over the potential havoc we should enjoy the "beautiful" displays of the Northern and Southern Lights as they collide with the Earth's upper atmosphere. more

Hillary's Promise: A Fascist Economy: Satanist Insider writes that during her visit to Australia in mid November, Hillary Clinton told insiders that new IRS rules related to Obamacare will bury US business in red tape: Henry, "She [Hillary Clinton] said something about IRS laws that come into operation in 2012 and a lot of new forms that have to be completed and that this was designed to destroy what was left of American business. I found it." more