Dayana T (18 Dec 2010)

i received a short dream and it was place in my heart that i had been invited to a WEDDING!!!
in all humility i was sooo surprised and sooo happy that i had been invited, remembered by the LORD JESUS CHRIST OUR PRECIOUS GOD
i then said in my heart what i am going to wear! i remember asking myself that question, since i knew i was not dressed at that moment to go to a WEDDING!
In front of me stood three or four beautiful young women who were beautifully dressed with long dresses, and a color which had caught my attention was a very pretty violet color dress, very pretty and feminine. The young women`s hair was up like in a chiffon bun. All the young women looked beautiful and elegant chic.
When i looked up i noticed a window up on high, and all of a sudden from the window rays of gold light like from the sun`s rays illuminated the window and stain glass, those rays were heading towards the direction of those women who were dressed and ready to go to the WEDDING!!! i witness how those golden rays snatch them up, they were drawn to those rays of beautiful gold color like the sun`s rays, and like a magnet they were snatched and lifted up in the air!!!

Dayana Torchia