David Blackman (17 Dec 2010)
"Linda Spencer (16 Dec 2010),"Do You Ever Just Know""

Thanks Linda for your article:
Do you ever just know

I too have had the Lord speak to me and amazed me with it!

I went on a missions trip with our church and another group to Hong Kong and stayed at a nice hotel there but they had to give a us a smoking room because there were no non smoking rooms available.  We were told to meet the group downstairs at a certain time to go to the meeting place.  After we were in our room for awhile praying the front desk called us and said a non smoking room became available and would we like to switch rooms.  Of course we did and we rested for awhile due to the time change.  In the mean time the leader of our group had changed the time we were suppose to meet down stairs to an hour earlier, but they could not find us to let us know of the change.  We got ready to meet the group downstairs and no one was around.  We could not find any of our group and did not know where the meeting place was.  My roommate said lets just go try to find the place, and my response was you do not just go out in a foreign country that you do not know and try to find something that you do not even know where it is.  His response was we will never find it if we don't.  Me I am the cautious one and did not like the idea of "just trying to find it".  I had been taught that you are to follow the inward witness by our church, and thought that I would pray and I would get this "no" as an inward witness but did not.  Instead of getting a "no" something spoke to me the words" the steps of the righteous are ordered of God".  I said OK Lord on those words I will go!  We got onto a bus going to Hong Kong island and did not even know if the meeting was there.  We traveled on a double decker bus though tunnels and for a long distance.  A person that I was sharing Christ with said we had to get of at this stop, and we asked if we take this same bus back to where we came from.  His response was no this is the last bus of the day!  We got off the bus and walked for about an hour in one direction.  My roommate had picked up a business card from the hotel before we left.  We asked a cab driver if he could take us to this location.  His response was I do not know where that is!  At this point we both thought this could be a long night.  We kept walking and and all of a sudden there was a picture of the speaker that we were suppose to be with and asked some people how do we get to this place.  They said it was just about 2 blocks from where we were!  We walked in on the meeting when they were just about ready to pray for people and the jaws of the people that we were with about hit the ground.  They said how did we find it and we told them the whole story!

I know that this may seem hard to believe but it happened and taught me to hear Gods voice.  The reason that I shared this story is that I had written back in October that I heard God speak about His return.  I did not share anything about how I knew it was God speaking to me, just the details.  Here is the main part of that message:

The first time that I heard God say to me about His return for us was when the price of gas had dropped from $4 a gallon down to $1.50 a gallon.  He had said to me that He would return before the price of gas would go over the 2 dollar mark.  I watched this spring as the price of gas had gone up to $2.89 and the prediction was that it was going to go over $3 a gallon this summer.   It did not go over $3 but went back down to about $2.50, and is now at $2.63.

The second time that God spoke to me about His return was about 3 months later and said that He would return before a project at work was completed.  This project was suppose to be completed over a year ago.  It has been plagued with delays.  I have just received an email about the project that said "We are very near completion of the project".  I think that the project is suppose to be done by October 11.

It is very interesting to me that the things that God spoke to me a couple of years back are converging on this time.

The gas price the last time I looked was now at $2.97 and I have heard that they are still working on the project!!

Linda your post on how you know you hear God speaking inspired me to tell a story of how God has taught me to hear His voice.  Thank you!  I am not much for writing but hope this will inspire others to share their experiences  with God!

Thank you John for all you have done to keep this site up and running for so many years now.  May you be blessed for all that you have done for all of us!