Daniel Matson (6 Dec 2010)
"Time issues with 2010-2017"

The following is my humble conclusion given what is left to work with concerning the 2010-2017 scenario.

Sorry, I have been very busy.

First, the Rapture goes down on Tuesday--December 7th. This is T minus 2,520 days. According to Daniel 9, I believe the confirming of the covenant is fulfilled by Christ through the Rapture and starting of the seven years for Israel. No Antichrist or Antichrist treaties for seven years are in view.

Yes, then there will be chaos and war. Out of those ashes comes the Antichrist.

In the middle of the week, Christ will stop the sacrifices by way of the Antichrist (Christ is in sovereign control). The New American Standard makes the distinction clearer between the Prince (Christ, Messiah) and then the destroyer (Antichrist).

Therefore, I believe there can be a gap between the Rapture and the Antichrist. 

I believe this can solve the time problem and that it is the best reading of Daniel 9.

On day T minus 2,520, Christ confirms THE COVENANT with MANY. I believe that this is the Rapture itself.