Corey Anne (6 Dec 2010)
"Regarding discernment"

Sweet Mariel,
I do not know what your condition is, but if you do decide to take chemo for it, I would highly recommend reading the book Designer Cancer Killers that one of our doves has mentioned a few times.  It doesn't sound like you're suffering from cancer, but the book says the shakes benefit lots of other conditions.  I purchased the items and have had great success in overcoming illnesses.  The woman's uncle in the book followed the plan and breezed through chemotherapy.  I will also pray for you, because I have seen miracles happen through prayer. 
I come to you claiming your promise to heal Mariel of her infirmity according to the covenant you made with your people when your Son was beaten and endured the stripes on his chest and back.  You said this was for our healing, and I claim this promise with Mariel's agreement and accept her healing on Your behalf.  Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the comfort and witness you are providing her right at this moment.
In Your Son's precious name I pray,
Corey Anne