Corey Anne (22 Dec 2010)
"For Barry Amundson"

What you wrote to Lydia was beautiful!  I was just trying to explain this concept to my daughter the other night after a boy she was interested in payed too much attention to another girl and wounded her spirit.  I'm not sure exactly when our Heavenly Father began to share this intense relationship with me, but it has been my saving grace.  I also don't know how to tell someone how to get there, but I know it just finally happens - perhaps with age - perhaps with deep fellowship with Him and great need.  I tried to tell her that if you need a mother, He will be your mother.  If you need a father, He will be your father.  If you need someone to love you in any aspect of your life, He has always been right there waiting on you to seek Him.  It began for me sometime around the time my husband began being gone a lot, busy with his hobbies.  I was at home with three small children at the time, and I feared who he was coming in contact with on these ventures as something seemed to draw him away from home quite often.  My heart ached, and I would enter my Bible study every morning desperate for some relief.  One morning, I could not keep my eyes open, and I closed them and entered this sweet, peaceful meditation.  For the first time, I could almost feel Him holding me.  Now I get grumpy if I don't get this opportunity at least several times a week.  And the funny thing was my husband I guess noticed a change in me and began staying home all the time.  He asked me recently if there was someone else in my life.  I told him - yes.  My Heavenly Father comes first, and He is the one who sustains me and brings me great joy.  Thanks for sharing. 
In the love of Christ,
Corey Anne