Cindy (16 Dec 2010)
"What I've been observing"

I have read recently how wrong it is to smite my fellow servants, brothers and sisters, who do the Good Works of God Almighty.  Because if I do that, a day will come where he won't be looking for me or know who I am.  I think we are all feeling the extreme power of God Our Father.  I don't think we should let each other down by saying there is no rapture, no truth coming at all.
   I ask myself,  Who are you?
My Soul replies, "I am a child of God".  There is no question mark there, nor "False Prophet" either.  So, who are you?....  Wouldn't you say that servants of God are pretty gutsy?  We shouldn't compete, and because the Light/God is so powerful, we have so much we want to say.   -But we should love one another.  I even love unbelievers...     This work is not easy!  I pray people will believe, and I'm sure in the perfect time they will.     

  There is nothing wrong with expressing what you feel coming from the heart, and then sharing it with someone.  Something holy and personal...