Christina R (20 Dec 2010)

Hello John & Doves,
I believe I need to send this tid bit of information to my family of Doves.  I believe the more we shed light on this dark dark world will help us fight off all the evil forces in this world.  Please read and digest.  You may already know all about this.  I hope with your approval you can inform the others.  I found out about all of this about 3 years ago - Sept. 2008. Or, God woke me up.   I cried, screamed, felt betrayed, got mad, got sick, etc.  Then, I prayed to the Lord to please use me as your vessell as you see fit.  I/we have been trying to awakin the masses (along with 3 other of my very closest friends) - we are the 21st century Paul Revere's awaking the masses while spreading God's word.  God has been the driving force in all that has been accomplished.  And, all the glory, honor and praises go to Him.  It is because of Him much Light has been shown.
Christ's Vessell,
Christina R.