Christina Russell (11 Dec 2010)
"Upside Down Doves - Reverse Symbolism"

Hello John, 

First time writing a letter to the Five Doves.  I am a new reader of the Latter Day Letters but find myself reading it everyday for updates on what God is doing or showing to his faithful servants.  I guess I just wanted to share something with Five Doves that happened to me yesterday 12/9/2010.  Below is a letter I sent to some of my beloved Christian friends telling of my experience.  Plus some information I added to show pictures of upside down doves.
Love In Christ,

Christina Russell
Welcome to the Doves, Christina!



    OH my GOSH!
    It just hit me like a brick wall.  Last night I went to listen to my daughter sing in the Madison Academy Christmas Concert at Trinity Methodist Church.  Beautiful singing grades 6th grade up to the Highschool.  While I was waiting in the pews for all the choir to come on stage many of us parents where chit chatting and looking around the lovely decorated church.  It is Christmas time with beautiful trees, decorations, etc.  I kept looking at the two Christmas Trees in the front of the church one on each side. Both were just beautifully decorated.  But, I kept getting really bugged about the tree toppers on each tree - they were upside down white doves or white angels.  It drove me crazy.  I asked the lady sitting next to me if she saw what I was seeing and she said yes.  Why would anyone intentionally put doves upside down.  Doves fly up not down.  I wanted to go and take them off the tree.
    Well, I was watching David Icke's youtube video onI lluminati Symbolism - Washington DC - David Icke