Chris K (9 Dec 2010)
"Re:Mike Curtiss (8 Dec 2010) "Zot Chanukah, December 9th 2010---For the Sake of Your Soul"

Dear Mike and ALL the Doves,
  I had to respond immediately upon reading Mike' post. I had attempted to read your original post about Zot Chanukah, but, I was having difficulty following(it was about 3 am, so I was a little bleary-eye'd). Anyway, upon opening up today's "Dove Letters" I was reading through each one as thoroughly as I could, as has become my habit(it is the most relevant form of fellowship I have). When upon opening your most recent post about the Zot Chanukah, I was determined to read it and understand it as well as I could... and just as soon as I started, my printer dialogue box opened of its own accord(which I only use for saving web pages via Cute PDF) and I instantly realized that the Lord was trying to get my attention concerning your letter(and info in general). That doesn't happen by itself.
  I'm not one to ask the Father for specific "fleece"(I was very involved with oracles back in my new-age days), and am rather reluctant to ask of Him because of past abuses. However, I am constantly asking for His guidance and voice through His WORD and my circumstances as He sees fit to speak to me, and, am NEVER let down by the outcome of my faith in His communication with me. The Lord does not need to speak another word as long as we have consumed His WORD, he can speak through it and it is Complete in every way and for every situation, and this is the foundation of true faith! And also, this is HIS creation and we are at the pinnacle of His care and concern for it, so, sign's are a small thing for HIM to show His love for His children. Kids do need to be reminded sometimes.
  So, my brother Mike, I feel that the Lord has somehow confirmed the importance of your information to me, not that I necessarily ascribe to it as of absolute truth, yet, something about it that our Heavenly Father wants me to pay attention to.
   As an aside, I have real issues with the Jewish scribes approach to understanding Scripture and the world in general, and, I think our Savior did/does as well. It has to do with the need to pull things apart in order to understand them better. This is what modern scientific thought has done and that is what the scribes and Pharisees have been doing for thousands of years. When you take a living thing apart in order to understand it better, the first thing that happens is that it dies. We cannot understand life with the approach that Pharisaic and modern science' thinking has adopted. And, this was, I believe Christ' admonition to the rulers of His day....and this is probably where Adam started it all off, consuming knowledge in a way that was deadly to Spiritual life...eternal life with God.
  Just a thought as to why I have difficulty in researching the teachings of the Jewish scribes.
  I love your post and will be spiritually "holding my breath" for the next couple of days because of your obedience to the Spirits call in your life!
                                                                         your brother, Chris K.