Chris K (8 Dec 2010)
"Re: Nicole (7 Dec 2010) A Place in Heaven"

Nicole and all the Doves,
  I was so overjoyed by your post, because our Father in Heaven can be funny and has the best sense of humor(since He created humor in the first place)...maybe a better term for it would be whimsical joy. And He sure does know about joy and the innocence of His children. Since its what Christ said we should be like...innocent children.
  Not to mention the finite and detailed intimacy that He shows in such revealings of Himself and His prophetic utterance to any individual that is willing(all are included). Nicole' post is so filled with that lightness and joy, with youthful innocence and colorful whimsy, loving childlike abandon, yet in truth and in spirit...I'm smiling with tears just thinking about it. I'm so happy today. I almost enjoy being here on earth on days like this and even if He doesn't come for us today, I'm joyful and content.
  I had a dream in 2005 that the Lord gave me in response to a very serious question I posed in prayer, that had that same sort of funny, happy character to it that made me laugh when I awoke and realized that my Father in Heaven loved me like a young(and somewhat childish) son. I know what its like.
  I have a daughter(grown and married now) that when she was a little girl, one of the most joyful sounds to my ears was to hear her laughter. I can't explain it except that it touched something so deep in me as to make me happier than I've ever known, then or since. What a joy to hear the innocent laughter of children and to know how much more our Father in heaven loves us and the joy it must bring Him to hear us make a joyful noise(to His purpose and pleasure).
  I guess I'll share the dream, although at the time it seemed so personal and complex that I didn't think I should tell anyone about it. But, even if nobody else gets it, it was still funny enough to laugh out loud immediately upon awakening, even before I quite deciphered the meaning of it.
  First the question I posed in prayer was this: should I be concerned about the difference in usage between the original Hebrew name of our Lord Yeshuah as opposed to the more modern anglicized Greek transliteration we use, Jesus?

and this was His response in the dream:
   The dream first of all was an animation, a cartoon. Very much like a modern Disney movie, perfect in every way. With an intro and background was if I were watching a Don Bluth or Pixar movie on a big screen, and I was also a character in the animation. I'm telling you it was perfect down to the last detail. And there was a plot.
  My Family...myself(about 13 or 14 yrs. old) and older sister and mother and father were going on a vacation to a Tahitian island in which the resort where we were staying was at, no, in a lagoon. The resort were a series of Tiki style huts that were built directly over the water and in order to enter the huts you had to dive down into the water and come up in the center of the hut(no regular doors, Only God could have come up with that one, still not sure if there is significance to that part).
  In the dream my mother had made me a costume army outfit with the initial of my last name and then a coma and then my first name, as such : G, Clay (in the dream my name was Clay Gilche(pronounced gill-kee). This little detail of my name and the way she printed it on my outfit is the key to really understanding the meaning of the dream, (I'll explain at the end). There was another feature to the dream that made it really seem like a real Disney epic. One of the main characters was Elvis Presley(as himself, I guess on vacation), but remember, this is an animation and his character was a stylized cartoon version of Elvis(kind of like the Aladdin' lamp movie style, very well done). He had a young girlfriend with him that had a french accent(she reminded me of an actual actress from the time) and when she would say my name(she would repeat what my mother had printed on my outfit), she would say "Giclee", which is a neologism and is derived from the French term "gicler", which means nozzle or "to spray"(I'm actually an airbrush artist for thirty years, told you this was personal). Its a term used for a very elaborate and realistic printing process(to create imitations of the original).
  Elvis was very busy and on the phone most of the time, so the girlfriend would hang out with the teenage boy in the army getup. The rest of the details of the story are rather long and, allow me to explain the salient points, and remember, some of the references are things that were like inside jokes to me concerning mispronunciations and a printing process that not many, other than artists or printers would be familiar with. The very term "neologism" is indicative of that very characteristic.
  One of my dearest friends, also a painter and I were interested in this printing process for some of our own work, However, he simply could not remember the proper pronunciation of "gilclee" GEE-CLAY...he would pronounce it, GILKEE. Like my name in the story, Clay Gilkee. His mispronunciation became a joke between us and after awhile, neither of us would say it properly.
  So, how does this all answer my question to God? Well, first of all, we're talking about a printing process that imitates an original, and then, we have a mispronunciation of the word for that process, which my mother gave me(my mother, the Church)...not to mention we are in a cartoon, which is a child like rendering of reality. And then you have the French woman who would say the name in a light-hearted and funny way(but the actual word), remember this word is a neologism. A neologism: is a newly coined word or phrase that may be in the process of entering common use, but has not yet been accepted into mainstream language and is used to describe the use of words that only have meaning to the person who uses them, independent of their common meaning...This is considered normal in children, but a symptom of thought disorder in adults(artist' and musicians do this a lot)

  Our Heavenly Father was showing me that children often use mispronunciations and/or nicknames as representations of the more authoritative "real" name, but in the most gentile and loving way...a sort of endearment for children that is acceptable under the circumstances, so that our use of the transliteration "Jesus" is not to be made a big deal about or argued over.
  However, "a name" signifies title and authority and therefore when reaching maturity should always be accurately used with honor , respect and permission from its owner.
  When my daughter was a little girl, she would mispronounce others and her own name. We thought they were so cute we started using them as nicknames(hers especially), but, when you come to use a persons name for legal or authoritative purposes you must use the original name!
  But, God was showing me that we as children are still OK as long as the Spirit and Truth behind the name is accurate.
Like Nicole had said, God can be as funny and fun loving as he needs or wants to be and HE REALLY LOVES US AS LITTLE CHILDREN. When we enjoy the love of our Father and laugh a little bit, I know it makes him happy. YOU, my beloved brothers and sisters, make HIM happy.
                                                        much love, your brother, Chris K.