Chris K (7 Dec 2010)
"Re: Tina A (6 Dec 2010)"

Tina and all Doves,
  At the time of the vision(this occurred sometime in early to mid April '93), I still had not returned to "the Way". Although having been redeemed as a young boy of 12, I had wandered through a wilder-land of so-called spirituality' and new-age ideologies, that I believe would have tainted my view at the time. I did recognize the ripened wheat field as that symbolism used by Christ in the scriptures...other than that, the only thoughts I had about the specific meaning was of something "totally unexpected" happening.
  When I opened my eyes and still felt the fear as real as any I've ever known(actually, I've never experienced fear like that in real life), my first thought was that , you would not see a crescent and a full moon next to one another(not to mention, two of them side by side in our sky...something out of science fiction novels). I kept wanting to think that perhaps it was this crescent/full incongruity that caused my fear. Later, as I remunerated on the image(and after many paintings that I executed from the vision), the understanding that the moon does not appear in the northern sky seemed to be a key to my fear.
  However, since that time, and as I come into closer union with Christ and His body, the Spirit has led me into greater understanding. Through Bible study and many of the forums to which we, as Christians, are led, some connection with Nibiru/Rahab and the return of the Nephilim, come to mind, but, I'm still reluctant to assign any specific meaning to it. I know this is all rather tenuous for Bible believing Christians.
  I guess the main thing that happened at the time was this, I stopped reading books about astrology and shamanism, which were my main diet at the time. Now I'm exclusively addicted to E-Sword and 5-Doves...a much healthier diet, I must say.

  As for my more recent dream of a lunar eclipse, that is still coming to light in my mind and heart, and I believe, is of very much significance to the entire body of Christ(sorry to sound so all inclusive). The thing's I did not mention in the description of the dream are some other elements/events surrounding the dream. Sometimes the significance gets wrapped up in personal events that seem tedious and unfruitful to "the Body". And also, my place in the Body of Christ seems rather dark and exclusive at times to me, and, I don't always like to drag others into the area of the "fellowship of His suffering" that I seem to inhabit. Too many accusations of condemnation, so why worry others with my plight. But, I so love the Lord and what He's given to me is quite remarkable. I'm just not always able to convey it to others in an understandable fashion. More "Treasures of Darkness".
  The dream of the lunar eclipse has something to do with CERN and "dimensional portals" being opened, also strangely enough, the Gulf Oil Spill and something that's taught by pastor Russ Dizdar, called "the Black Awakening"....the geometry of "Polyhedrons" also plays a part in the total picture, most of which, I don't understand, but, I see as through a glass, darkly.
  On the same night as the eclipse dream, I had another dream(I'm sure they are connected), in which a man I had only known for a short time(in real life), shot me in the back twice. I knew he was going to do it and said so to him, immediately before I stepped off of a porch and out of the corner of my left eye saw him pull out a gun and shoot me twice in the back. There seemed to be no malice in his actions, but, definite purpose.
  This dream is only made more strange by an actual event that preceded it by a couple of days at that persons home. This REALLY happened....I was standing in this mans kitchen(by myself, he was in another room), having just finished a bowl of Cheerio's, I had a seizure type blackout(about thirty to forty minutes long), and when I became conscious again I was sitting up in front of two EMT's, thinking they were accusing me of something, I became defensive(they seemed more like police to me), everybody began to laugh, telling me I had blacked out with twitching and rolling eyes. I have never had any sort of seizure or blackout in my entire life. After having gone to the hospital and the doctor telling me that I was in perfect health(especially for a man my age) with no signs of irregular brain activity or stroke of any kind...after speaking politely to me for a few minutes, the Dr. said this to me(and I'll never forget it)..."you seem very much like Jesus to me, right now.". Wow, I thought!
  I was still rather blurry from the event, but, I knew that something truly "Supernatural" had happened to me....also, this occurred within a day or two of the "Gulf Oil Spill"...then a couple of days later, the dreams.
  Afterward, I was a little(no, more than a little) frightened to stay where I was at or to be around that gentleman anymore.
There is actually a lot more deep-dark elements leading up to that series of events, but, once again, the strangeness and peculiar nature of my walk with Christ is beyond my capacity to describe. So, I guess we'll have to wait till after the resurrection of the Saints to sort it all out.

  I'm going to continue on....I've been an commercial artist for about 30 years(more or less) and in the last twenty or so, my personal work has been almost exclusively on black paper(sort of an obsession I can't describe, like my walk). I did a series of drawings* over a sixty-six day period(exactly), that led up to the dreams I just described. In that same period, the Lord had me absorbed in a set of interviews with pastor Douglas Riggs concerning SRA and DID issues within and outside of the Church(I'm sorry, you'll have to look all that stuff up for yourselves, too weird and complex). The issues and information correlate perfectly with Russ Dizdar' "Black Awakening" stuff, and all of this dovetails in perfectly with CERN and with our current President' strange attributes, i.e., (weird signs in the sky in Norway, trips to India,etc.), not to mention the Gulf of Adan rumors.
   *All of those drawings were of "drowning men", a subject I found unpleasant and nothing I particularly identify with, but, I was compelled, and I'm sure, by the Holy Spirit to finish them in relationship to the time and the events related above.      There's more, but, this has already turned more into something I don't really like to show others about myself...I'd rather it be about CHRIST and His body! God required me to destroy all of those drawings, so that it would not turn into self-glorification.
  There is one more thing. The sixty-six days were an example(for me) of God' perfect provision under the most dire and extreme circumstances of my own inability to care for myself, so I never lost sight of my need for HIM, always, and usually miraculously,and at the very last minute, SALVATION!!!
                                 thank you Tina and all the Dove for this place to vent, your brother, Chris K.