Chris K (20 Dec 2010)
"Re: David Blackman  "Hot or Cold?""

David and all the Doves,
  This is one of the most profound questions a mature Christian can pose. What is Worship and how do we do it? I struggled with this for many years, having come from a very worldly family and a strong musical heritage...almost all of it modern.
  I had always loved Pentecostal-style worship for its passion and intimacy, not to mention, everyone was welcome to participate. Yet, between circumstances and God's own word as multiple witness, I was shown that most of this passion was just a personal form of excitation of the flesh! And so many distractions when you have very talented and forceful singers and musicians. Then ego enters into the picture, and that certainly cannot lead to Worship in Spirit and in truth.
  One has to be in a small group of truly devoted disciples to avoid the distractions and excitation that the flesh is constantly offering us..more and more rare these days. And then it must be in peace and simplicity...complex, modern forms are always contrary to this.
  I prayed much on this matter and at about the same time the Lord was drawing me out of organized congregational worship services, I was given a gift. I rarely speak of it to anyone, since it seems so personal and I didn't get the Fathers OK on that sharing. But, we are so close now, and we're all sharing so much with the Body these days, I' certain its appropriate at this time.
  I awoke  one morning at around 4am from a dream in which there was no image or view of any kind...all there was were two women' voices singing the most beautiful and simple old sounding, folk-style song. Rather Irish or Celt sounding, and kind of familiar (maybe a little like "Scarborough Fair"), but, distinctive and simple. Anyway, the tune was still going through my mind after I awoke enough that I was able to pluck a little bit of it out on an old guitar I had around...and commit it to memory.
  Two nights later I awoke at around the same time and began to think about that music and at the same time remembered that in my computer  software program called E-Sword(which I love dearly) was a copy of whats known as the "Scottish Psalter", which is the Psalms of David set to meter, so they can be sung as worship. So I thought that I would try to sing them to the tune I had heard in my dream, which I had been practicing a I started, the most amazing sensation came over me. You know that confident knowledge that only the Holy Spirit can provide...that God Himself has just given you a gift beyond measure and without price.
  The Psalter fit perfectly, of course and it began to dawn on me over the next hour or so, that the Lord had answered my question and shown me a true form of Worship. Perhaps THE true and perfect form of Worship. To sing His Psalms back to Him has been the greatest joy and most peace giving moments of my entire new-born life! I've repeated a few of the Psalms in front of fellow believers only a couple of times, with very little response...its not for exiting ones flesh. And, that's usually what we expect out of music.

  So, true collective worship, in Spirit and in truth, in this day and time may very well be a near impossibility, and yet, with GOD all things are possible!
                                                                                you're brother,  Chris K.

P.S. If the Lord allows(and we have enough time) and anybody wants to hear, I'll