Charles Holler (4 Dec 2010)
"no sign given but...."

Hello John and Doves,
 There have been many times I felt asking for a sign was wrong because there will be no sign given to an evil and adulterous generation but the sign of Jonas. Then as I looked closer that was the generation that was here when Jesus was crucified and He fulfilled it with His death and Resurrection. We however are the last generation, the Matthew 24 generation, the generation of signs. Jesus gave us so many signs that I haven't taken the time to count them. There are dozens of signs since Israel became a nation, and we may have been a little discouraged this last ten years as the signs seem to increase. Those are just birth pains, contractions, and they are increasing so fast and intense that I'm expecting the water to break ( my explanation of a nuclear strike from N Korea or Iran) So be encouraged and of good cheer because the Baby is coming only He's not a Baby this time but our Conquering King, our Savior, Brother, Master, and Groom. Get excited folks it's time as we might have had the last contraction already, and if not, there can only be a few left. See everyone in the air.
Charles Holler Sr