Carol Garza (16 Dec 2010)
"To Fay---re:conspiracy theories"

What a great post Fay !   I had a similar experience with lights in 1978  but the lights never sped towards our windshields (windscreens).  There were 9 of them if I recall correctly.
But the part of your post that totally grabbed me was what you wrote here:
There is so much more to this "reality" of ours. Deep mysteries that we have been protected from - until now. The last days. The Norway Spiral is a case in point. Our old understanding of physics, Quantum or otherwise, is being turned on it's head. Our old trust of people in positions of power, is being turned on it's head. Life has become very, very weird and this is one of the strongest signs of these end times. Knowledge IS being increased and God's universe IS unveiling itself. Scripture is becoming clearer and clearer and everything is starting to make sense. Albeit, quite scary sense! Our Father God is not going to subject us to much more. We are all in quite an agitated state - desperate for the Rapture. Short of allowing us to become completely unhinged - and as a result - losing our credibility as representatives of our Lord Jesus' Church - it is pretty obvious that we shall be taken out of this ugly mess soon. It does occur to me that "left behinders" will be reading all this and absorbing the enormity of the massive deception that is going on. With God Almighty, nothing is for nothing and we are still serving a very valuable purpose. However, things are speeding up and our redemption is so very close.
I agree with you one thousand percent on everything your wrote !!  Thanks for sharing!
Carol G